Talent experiences that enable start-ups to scale up

We want to tell the world your story so that you can build the team you need to bring your vision to life.​

Our approach

Successfully growing a start-up relies on the ability to attract and retain great talent, but being able to hire successfully and efficiently is the result of a having an unrivaled candidate experience.

Together we will establish your start-up as an employer of choice, by implementing a talent solution that sees you scale efficiently in the short term, but also instils your employer brand into tech communities, to facilitate long term scalability.​

That is why we have created a purpose built talent solution specifically for early stage tech start-ups. Designed operationally, commercially and culturally for start-ups, by a start-up.​

Our solution

Our talent experience focusses on three core pillars that combine to elevate your brand and deliver an authentic candidate experience that is bespoke to your culture.


Brand awareness

We are storytellers.

Increase the awareness of your brand in the tech community to help establish you as an employer of choice within your target audience, in order to attract diverse, culturally-aligned talent to join, stay, and thrive.

Process design

We are experience builders.

Design and manage a bespoke end-to-end talent experience that is authentic to your brand and adaptable to your growth strategy.

Talent sourcing

We are community builders.

We proactively build and engage communities of start-up professionals allowing us to improve the candidate experience whilst decreasing time to hire for our partners​.

How does it work?


Your Partnership Manager will manage all aspects of our engagement with you. They will immerse themselves into your business, understanding your people, culture and values. They will use this knowledge to design, build and manage your recruitment process, allowing you to focus on building your start-up.

Meanwhile in Alinea HQ, our Community Managers are busy building communities of industry experts that we keep engaged through interviews, podcasts, infographics and events. This ensures that we always have a head start when sourcing on your behalf, but also means that our community has the opportunity to learn something new, build their own network and have a great candidate experience.

Benefits of our model


Save time

You have enough on your hands innovating our world; our team will save you precious time by managing the entire talent engagement and hiring process.​

Save money

Our subscription model is built with start-ups in mind. We understand that maximum predictability and flexibility is essential, and therefore your agreement with us will be a fixed monthly fee, that can be phased or turned off at any point by providing a 30-day notice period.

Gain balance

Hiring for the here and now is hard. Creating an employer brand that encourages great talent to apply to you directly eases this pain. Our solution allows you to scale now, whilst simultaneously building an enviable employer brand to make hiring easier in the future.