Our process

A dedicated Partnership Manager will join you onsite to build and manage the recruitment strategy while our talent engagement teams get to work finding and attracting the people you want to hire.

Working collaboratively with both, our marketing team will design a powerful employer brand that is authentic to your business and tailored to the audience you want to reach.

Recruitment process
and strategy

Our experience becomes your blueprint.

Growing a skilled team can be expensive, time-consuming and difficult to get right.

Our onsite Partnership Manager will alleviate those pressures by designing and managing an end-to-end talent experience that is true to your brand and adaptable to your growth strategy. 

Employer brand design
and management

Our people become your storytellers.

The competition for talent is getting fiercer by the day. Our Partnership Manager will get under the skin of your business, its culture and people; they’ll delve into the exciting projects you are working on, the opportunities you offer and everything else that makes you shine.

Our marketing team will then bring your story to life with a compelling candidate engagement strategy that cuts through the noise and puts you on centre stage as the company everyone wants to work for.

Candidate sourcing
and attraction

Our community becomes your talent.

Supporting your Partnership Manager is our talent engagement team. They’re experts in building talent communities across technology, data and product.

They are passionate content creators, event hosts, innovators and influencers. By immersing themselves in their respective industries, Alinea is constantly engaged with highly sought-after specialists so that when you are ready to hire, we are already speaking to the right people for your team. 


Save time

You have enough on your hands innovating our world; our team will save you precious time by managing the entire talent engagement and hiring process.

Save money

Our model has been designed to suit start-ups and scaling companies, with a fixed monthly fee that is predictable, consistent and can save you up to 50% vs typical contingency spend.

Hire sought-after talent

The way we connect with talent is creative, targeted and impactful. This means that you can engage with specialists not typically accessible through the normal channels.

Build a future-proof solution

We will build a scalable solution that perfectly integrates into your business, giving you a hiring blueprint that lasts even after we have gone.

Improve the candidate journey

We will craft a talent engagement experience that elevates your brand perception in the market and leaves every candidate with a great impression of your business.

Amplify your employer brand

Our marketing team will create a powerful employer brand solution that cuts through the noise and builds your reputation as a company everyone wants to work for.