We met with Sam Morgan, Head of Product at Makers to get to know him a little more.

Best thing about working at Makers?

“Authenticity. It’s about living in reality, even when reality is very difficult to understand. So faced with challenging decisions, it’s often about identifying a kind of third way that genuinely aligns the interests of customers staff in the business. And this can lead to really powerful and honest partnerships.”

What is the best thing about working in Product?

“In a word, pace. There’s really nothing like understanding your customer’s problems and then shipping something that solves those problems, especially if they’re not conscious of the problem. Because then you get to transform their perspective and empower them, which just feels amazing.”

What is the best piece of career advice you have been given?

“Don’t neglect relationships. There’s a lot of stuff out there about how Heads of Product behave like the CEO of the product. What I think is really critical to understand is that a product function in any reasonably mature business, you’re moving fast, you’re working with customers, you’re coming up with solutions, but the vast majority of the implementation of that relies on great relationships.“

What is one Product resource you would recommend to someone?

”The Bible for me is Marty Cagan’s ‘Inspired’, it is absolutely incredible. It’s a master class not just in how to be a product manager, not just in how to run the product team and do product work but it’s a masterclass in how to build a great product itself, the book, and the experience of reading it flows like a great product, it is phenomenal.”

What is the biggest challenge working in a start-up?

“I think picking the right CEO to work with. Marty Kagan elaborates on this by splitting CEOs into three categories visionary, not visionaries, or the hardest category to work with, people who think they’re visionaries, but aren’t really acting according to that. From one, you can take a lot of direction, from the other you can provide a bit of steer and in the third category you need to be very careful to make sure that you are able to provide steer and take directions simultaneously.”

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